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Learn the tools you need to play effortlessly and to prevent pain and injury through the movement system Timani.


Get rid of physical and mental blocks that stop you from expressing your full potential as a musician.


We care about your health and wellbeing as a musician.


Through cutting edge science and years of experience teaching thousands of musicians from all around the world, we provide specialised help for both the physical and mental aspects of music performance.

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Learn online or in person:

Timani Online Learning

Discover solutions to your pain or discomfort from your own home or practice room. Check out our online offering by clicking on the picture

Timani Workshops and 1-1 sessions

Book us for a workshop where youlive, or 1-1 sessions online. Discover our teachers and upcoming workshop dates by clicking on the picture

Timani certification course

In this course you can go in depth through a 3-year part time certification, learning anatomy and movement especially designed for musicians.

Free Webinar

Move Better - Play Better. Join Tina for this free webinar as she provides some top tips for making your practise and playing more effective by using your body in the optimal way.




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